NESS Super

About NESS Super

Our Philosophy

For over 30 years our focus has been providing employers and members with simple, yet comprehensive super. We concentrate on providing the greatest possible value to our employers and members.

We do this by offering strong investment returns, affordable insurance and efficient on-line solutions, while keeping fees low. Most importantly, we don’t spend our members’ money on unnecessary advertising and sponsorships.

Your industry fund

NESS Super was established in 1987 by electrical industry representatives to specifically service electrical contractors and their employees. Our heritage dates back to the establishment of industry specific funds to accommodate the 3% Award superannuation requirement.

Since that time, and with the onset of compulsory super and Superannuation Guarantee encompassing greater coverage of the working population, NESS Super has maintained its focus on being an industry specific fund, evolving to represent workers in all electro-technology industries, including cablers, electrical, communications and electronic technicians.

Because NESS Super has remained true to its original focus, we continue to provide industry specific benefits to members and employers. We operate on the principle of being 'large enough to provide value to members but small enough to care' and we are one of the few remaining boutique or niche industry-specific funds remaining in the superannuation industry.

NESS Super is an industry fund and a non-profit organisation that does not pay commissions. All earnings, less a small Contingency Reserve, go to members every year.

The Trustee

The Trustee responsible for managing NESS Super is NESS Super Pty Ltd (ABN 28 003 156 812), which comprises member representatives from the Electrical Trades UnionOpens in new window (ETU) and employer representatives from the National Electrical and Communications AssociationOpens in new window (NECA).

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