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A helping hand to achieve your financial goals

Through our financial planning partner, Link Advice^, you can access general and simple advice over the phone. There is no cost for phone based advice, this service is included in your NESS Super membership. Call us on 1800 022 067 to find out more.

Power up your retirement with NESS Super

For most of us our retirement savings are the most significant asset we hold outside the family home, yet few think abour their super and how it's tracking until our retirement years start to sneak up on us. Planning now for retirement can make a real difference between a comfortable and a modest retirement lifestyle.  

Small actions now can ensure your years post work are as comfortable as they can be. Call us on 1800 022 067 to discuss your retirement planning options.    

How can a financial planner help?

A financial planner can provide advice:

  • on a single issue, such as how much insurance cover you need
  • about one aspect of your financial situation, such as your superannuation, or
  • about your entire financial situation.

You can expect your planner to:

  • Gather information: Your planner will need to ask you a lot of questions about your current situation, goals and preferences. You may also need to provide some documents, such as tax returns and bank statements.
  • Draft a plan: Your planner will use their knowledge of investments, tax law and financial products to devise a plan to help you achieve your financial objectives. Together, you then decide how to implement it.
  • Check in with you: If you decide to invest in ongoing financial advice, your planner will regularly adjust your plan as things change

Ongoing advice

It’s recommended that you see your planner annually to keep your financial plan current and see how your investments are tracking.

Link Advice

NESS Super works closely with Link Advice^. Link Advice^ is a leading financial education and advice company, they partner with 14 major superannuation funds to deliver advice to over 5.5 million members on a commission-free basis. Link Advice advisors can provide you with professional, independent financial planning and advice.   

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Call us on 1800 022 067 to find out more.

^Advice is provided by Link Advice Pty Limited, ABN 36 105 811 836. ASFL No. 258 145.