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Get Your Super in Shape

Understanding the Superannuation Guarantee

Most of us will rely on our super to fund our retirements. That’s why employers are generally required by law to contribute to your super. This is known as the Superannuation Guarantee or SG.

Am I entitled to super?

You’re eligible for super if you’re 18 or over and earn more than $450 a month from your employer.

If you’re unsure about your eligibility check the ATO’s eligibility toolOpens in new window .

How much super should my employer pay?

Right now the Superannuation Guarantee is 10% of Ordinary Time EarningsOpens in new window up to the maximum earnings baseOpens in new window . The Superannuation Guarantee contribution rate will gradually increase until it reaches 12%.  The rate of change in the Superannuation Guarantee is currently subject to legislation.

How is super paid?

Your employer pays super contributions into an account in your name within the super fund that you choose. You can choose to join any super fund that complies with regulatory and legislative standards. These funds are known as complying funds.

NESS Super is a complying fund and is authorised under MySuper to accept default superannuation guarantee contributions from your employer.

Accessing your super

Super is designed to help you save for retirement, so you generally can’t access your super until you reach your preservation ageOpens in new window . Your preservation age depends on when you were born.

Find out about how a NESS Super account works.

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NESS Super offers a complying MySuper option.

NESS MySuper

NESS Super Health Check

You know how to keep yourself healthy and in good shape but what about your super? It’s important to spend time keeping your super in good shape so you can have the lifestyle you want in retirement. Take the NESS Super health check below to see how your super is tracking and how to get it into better shape.

Set a goal

To stay on track you need to know where you’re headed. So it’s important to have an idea of how much you need to fund your retirement and whether you’re on track to reach that goal.

According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, a comfortable lifestyle for a couple, including entertainment, a car, clothes, private health insurance and holidays, costs around $56,000 a year.

Use the MoneySmart Retirement Calculator to work out what income you are likely to have from super and the age pension after you retire.

MoneySmart CalculatorOpens in new window

Choose the investment option that’s right for you

NESS Super offers seven investment options with different levels of risk and return. The best strategy for you depends on your savings goals, your investment timeframe and your level of comfort with volatile returns.

Find out more below about investment risk and return.

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Combine your super

If you have super with other funds, consider rolling it into your NESS Super account. When your super’s in one fund, it’s easier to manage and you’re not doubling up on fees. However, it’s important to consider the effect on your insurance if you combine your super. NESS Super can help.

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Boost your savings with additional contributions

Even the smallest of additional contributions now can make a huge difference to your final benefit. There are many different ways to contribute to your super.

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Make sure you and your family are adequately covered should something happen to you

If you were unable to work, how would you and your family cope financially? NESS Super offers cover for Death, Terminal Illness, Total and Permanent Disability, and Temporary Salary Continuance.

Find out more below about our insurance options.

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Choose a fund with low fees

Over time, fees can eat into your super. NESS Super has some of the lowest fees in the industry. And because we’re an industry fund, profits go back to members.

This can make a big difference to your super – and how much you have for your retirement.

Get advice

When it comes to super, we can all benefit from professional advice tailored to our individual situations. Through our partnership with Link Advice you can access affordable independent advice when you need it.

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