NESS Super

Your NESS Super account

Investing your super

The most common type of super – and the type that NESS Super offers – is called accumulation-style super. This type of super accumulates in an account in your name and your final benefit is equal to your account balance.

Here’s how it works

As a member of NESS Super, you can choose how your account balance is invested with a choice of seven investment options. The default investment option – if you don’t choose a different option – is the NESS MySuper option.

When you choose an option, you effectively invest in that investment option. Certain costs are deducted from your super account along the way, including fees, insurance premiums and taxes.

  • Employer contributions
  • Member contributions
  • Government co-contributions (if eligible)
  • Transfers/roll-ins
Net investment returns

(if positive)

Amounts deducted
  • Fees and charges
  • Insurance Premiums (if applicable)
  • Government taxes
  • Net investment returns (if negative)

Your super account balance


The table below shows the fees that NESS Super charges for managing your super.

Type of fee or cost Amount
Fees when your money moves in or out of the fund
Establishment fee Nil
Contribution fee Nil
Exit fee1 Nil
Termination fee Nil
Management costs – The fees and costs for managing your investment
Administration fee1 A flat fee of $72.80 p.a. plus an administration fee of 0.1275% p.a. of your account balance.
Management and investment fees2 This is estimated to be 0.80% p.a.3
  1. As at 1st July 2021.
  2. The fees differ for each investment option.
  3. This includes an estimated performance fee of up to 0.80%.