NESS Super

Income Protection Cover

For Employed Members

Income protection provides cover to members who cannot perform their usual occupation as a result of illness or injury. The payment of an income protection benefit provides you with a set level of income to help pay for living expenses and financial commitments.

At NESS Super, we want to ensure that should a member be unable to work due to illness or injury that a set level of income is available until you cease to be eligible to receive this benefit or until the end of your benefit period – whichever comes first.

Majority of other super funds offer some level of income protection as an optional extra! NESS Super’s default Income Protection offering ensures members are covered for up to 85% of their pre-disability income. This is made up of, up to 75% of your pre-disability income payable to you and up to 10% payable as superannuation contribution for up to 2 years (104 weeks).

To be eligible for Income Protection members MUST ensure that Employer (SG) contributions are being paid to their NESS Super account. The default Income Protection cover is provided at a premium of 1.76% of the SG contributions received by NESS from your employer and will be automatically deducted from your NESS Super account.

NESS Super’s Income Protection benefits means that the waiting period is reduced to 30 days so that financial obligations can be met with less stress. Members can also apply to increase the length of cover from 2 years (104 weeks) to 5 years (260 weeks), though different premiums will apply.

You can refer to the NESS Super – Employed Division Insurance GuideOpens in new window for further details about Cover and Premiums for Income Protection.